Last night I dreamed I was back in school, in a class with one of my high school English teachers. Sitting next to me was someone new, a person from the South who denied being from the South because she was British. We were talking about a person I went to school with and how she talks about going to Japan twice a year and it irritates me because I haven’t been there even once.

Then my new Southern-British acquaintance and I were actually in Japan, at a bus stop. The bus arrived but I didn’t have all of my things put away in my bag and as I was getting them arranged so I could get on, she got on and was yelling for me to hurry, and I went to get on and it left. So I was standing there alone with some other people who were waiting for the next one.

I started walking down the hill to the next stop, hoping we could meet up sooner. I passed by a convenience store that was closing for the night even though it was 7:30. I kept walking and it was in this weird industrial area and it was suddenly dark. I think it did occur to me in the dream that this was not the Japan I knew because no Japanese city would be this dark at night, void of all streetlights. I thought maybe it was something to save energy. I started freaking out because I couldn’t see, thinking, “I can’t see, I can’t see,” and then I thought, “Quit telling yourself that!”

I thought about going back to the convenience store because at least there should be light there and I thought I could maybe ask the clerk to help me call a taxi. I thought, “I learned how to say that in Duolingo, right? Why can’t I remember any of that stuff? I’m drawing a complete blank.” But I kept trying to calm down, thinking, “I could probably just say ‘taxi’ and they would know what I mean. Or I could type it into my phone and my phone could translate it. Yeah, I can do that.”

But as I was walking back to the convenience store, which I knew would be an issue since it had already closed, I came over the hill and it was morning. Everything was bright and colorful and busy. And I calmed down and realized all I had to do was get on my phone and do a search for English-friendly or multilingual hotels and just plug that into google maps and I’d be fine. So I walked around, passing by all these places that I knew from researching my trip or from anime, and I had my little map up on my cell phone and found a hotel. At the time I thought, “This hotel isn’t as good as some of the others. I know there are other English-friendly hotels around here. Why aren’t they showing up in my search?” But then I was like, “It doesn’t matter. I don’t have to stay here the whole time; I just need to find a room for the night so I can regroup. I can stay here for one night.”



Last night I dreamed that finally we were putting in a small pool at the house. We were going to set up a koi pond too. I was really excited about it and mom and I were looking at all this great foamy waterproof poolside furniture. I was saying about how sometimes you don’t even want to swim but you still want to float around in the water. However, this meant I had to buy the new Apple Watch because I’d need the waterproofing and that way I could just leave my phone on the side. I planned on being in the pool all the time.


Last night I dreamed that I was writing a story but also watching a movie about a young shark getting separated from its family and being chased down to the darker depths/trenches of the ocean by a giant manta ray. The kid shark finds a Behemoth that’s, obviously, huge and all knobbly and acts all tough and when the shark tells Behemoth that it’s never been away from it’s family before, Behemoth is like, “Oh, geez, what have I gotten myself into” (very “yare yare daze” sounding) but you get the impression that Behemoth is actually a softie on the inside and is going to take the little shark under its tutelage and teach it the ways of the lower depths and take care of it. You don’t really get the impression that there is any going back to the upper levels. Maybe later after the shark is grown up it (he?) can make the journey but for now that’s an impossibility and he’s stuck in the depths trying to survive.

I had another dream I was in bed and going to sleep and decided to read some Shirokuma Cafe before bed. I got the latest volume which was a thick one with a black cover and as I started reading, it was also playing on my computer. I realized I didn’t have the subtitles on so I hit the * on my Roku remote (which even at the time I didn’t think would work because I was watching it on my computer, not the tv) but sure enough, the subtitles popped up. They were in Japanese in a weird, very handwritten style and I thought, “Amazon needs to get it together with their subtitling. This looks cool and I get what they’re trying to do but I can’t read this.” Plus there was no furigana so I was totally lost. I hit the * again to get English subtitles. There was a person that looked exactly like Olivier Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist in the show and she was dressed like an adventurer and there were some poachers involved and I thought, “Man, Polar Bear Cafe sure got dark. I didn’t expect that.”


Last night I dreamed that I went to Japan.

I was trying to find my seat and was in the back of the plane and realized I had a 7 seat. So I went back up to the front where the seats were bigger and Angela was on one side and Danny to my left. We weren’t First Class yet there weren’t any seats ahead of us. I was talking with Angela about how I’d decided on my trip from Vancouver that I had to fly something other than Coach to Japan because I didn’t want to spend 11 hours on a plane with my knees to my chin.

Mimi was there on the other side of the aisle and she had a little baby (6-9 months or so?) with her. The baby was fussy so I asked to hold her. She was pretty cute and bouncing on my lap and stuff and then I felt a vibration and I said, “Uh oh, did you fart or was that something worse?” Then she started kind of twitching and I asked Mimi if the baby had powers and Mimi said yes; I handed her back and said, “You should write down what she’s saying, she’s delivering a prophecy.”

On the plane I was so excited to be going and wanted to tell Plushateer but then I realized I was supposed to be going with Plushateer and she wasn’t here. This trip was too soon. This was October and I was supposed to be going with her in March. I was worried she’d be mad I went ahead without her but I LINEd her and she said if I had the opportunity to go, I should go, and then we’d go together again in March.

We got to Japan and my mom and brother were there with me and mom was driving. She had directions on an index card to a bilingual B&B-type place we’d booked. I was surprised at how quickly we got out of the city and into the countryside.

I was arguing with mom about directions but the building was on 69th Street and we were on 88th and so 69th Street came into view and it was this very large yellow multi-storey building. We got out with our luggage and they were at the top of the steps waiting for us.

We were in the parlor with the lady who ran the B&B and a couple of scruffy guys, one of whom was her husband. We were sitting around a table eating halved oranges. Well, Zack and I were just holding our orange halves. Then one of the guys had a big pot and said something about a better idea of what to do with the oranges and any that weren’t eaten, we put in the pot. The lady of the house licked off a spoon and then dipped it in the sugar jar to put sugar in the pot. At the time I thought, “We can’t stay here when I come with Plushateer. We need to get a real hotel. She would die if she saw that.” And as if to confirm my suspicions, the lady kept stirring the sugar and some water and the oranges and licking the spoon occasionally.

Zack had handed over his orange halves with some snotty comment about how he didn’t eat fruit and then one of the guys got mad and they started bitching at each other. Zack kept bitching until finally I said, “Zack. That guy went to the other room. He’s not even here.” I thought to myself, “I’m glad I brought him this trip. I cannot take him with me on the trip with Plushateer and ITGuy if he’s going to act like this.”

Whatever the guy was making in the pot never turned out because he tried putting it in a much smaller bowl and spilled half of it on the table, the rest mounded and ugly and very unappetizing in the smaller bowl.

The lady needed to go out for some grocery shopping and I volunteered to go with her because I needed to get out of the house. We went downstairs and her husband followed and then I didn’t see him anywhere. The garage was downstairs and I got into the passenger side of a baby blue Bug. I kept looking around for the husband because I thought maybe he was coming with us and I didn’t know if he wanted this seat. The lady didn’t say anything but started backing up. We backed out through three garages; the husband wasn’t there because he’s had to move his pickup from one of the garages behind us so we could back out. I thought, “Everything’s so stacked on top of each other. Even the garages.”

We managed to get on the road and there were all these really cute shops lining the street and I thought it’d be fun just to walk around and look in all of them. That’s when I realized we were in London. Or the London-themed part of Tokyo..? I thought of bringing Plushateer and ITGuy back to see this but it wasn’t very Japanese so I wasn’t sure.

We didn’t stop at any of the shops, we just kept driving. It felt like we were driving in loops and circles and I thought, “Ah. Fucking roundabouts.”

At this point I realized I was dreaming and told myself I needed to remember to tell Plushateer about all of this. She asked how I knew Danny; I said I went to school with him.


Last night I dreamed that I was camping outside, or was at a campfire outside while my family was in a camp trailer. I punched a coyote. Then I started seeing wolves around the perimeter and decided to go inside the trailer. Somehow there were two upper bunks for me to choose from. I saw a corgi running around outside and didn’t want the wolves to get him but then I realized my corgi was sleeping under the table. So then when the outside corgi came in, I panicked wondering how we’d tell them apart because they were both fat and had the same coloring.

The trailer kind of turned into the restaurant and despite being closed ended up feeding breakfast to a guy. I was really hungry so I ate some of the fries he left behind. We were experimenting with shakes and meals in our big water carafes. We’d fill the carafe halfway with fries, then put the burger in, then top it with fries. It was a cute presentation and dad was worried it would cost too much but mom thought it might actually save us money. We did an orange creamsicle milkshake thing by lining the inside of the carafe with our orange creamsicle cheesecake. I had to wonder if it would take too much time to do things like this when we’re already pretty busy. Mrs. Harkink placed an order for dinner via carafe even though, like I said, we weren’t actually open.

I also dreamed that I was packing for Japan and was wondering if I needed to take a cuter bra. I found one in my closet that still had the tag on it but it still wasn’t really what I had in mind. I was also considering trying to meet up with friends over there for an evening to give the friends I was going with a break from hanging out with me. But then I’d need to pack nice clothes, which I don’t really have. I decided to try on the bra with the tag while standing in my closet and it was too tight; I couldn’t get it on. Then I turned over in my bed and got it on no problem. But then I woke up.


Last night I dreamed about Legend of Galactic Heroes.

Cling wrap, stuck together and not flattening out.

I dreamed I was in school and I couldn’t remember which locker was mine. They were square like Japanese shoe lockers and similarly, had no locks. So I guessed which one was mine and was able to open it; I was wrong. Mine was the row below. 22-something. I didn’t know what books to take to class and someone said, “All of them!” and I was incredulous; I couldn’t take all of them, there were too many and they were too big and I had no backpack. So I grabbed what I could.

Herr T was teaching Japanese. I was laughing at the long-winded translations we were assigned to do. I thought, “Leave it to the Japanese language to require so much to say so little.” And then I said, “I don’t know why I’m doing this; I hated school when I had to go. I’m an adult–why the hell am I here doing this when I don’t have to?”

People were playing soccer outside. I believe Mary was one of them.