Last night I dreamed I was back in Toronto. H joked that he was glad to see me; this is a callback to a previous dream I had where I was there and he was extremely chatty and I was surprised he was happy I was visiting. He knew about that dream so this was a joke about that. Then IT made a reference to the fact that H is actually a she but uses male pronouns. We then were meeting at a restaurant. H was talking about how he’d researched narcolepsy and believed that’s  what I had. In the dream I was super hungry and even as we left the restaurant, I was eating a wrap outside of my car. I realized they were all waiting for me before they left (we were all in separate vehicles) so I stashed my wrap and got in my car. 

Then instead of following them, I was on the freeway outside of Billings following my mom in her car. I was trying to pay attention because I couldn’t remember the right exit. She crossed four lanes of traffic and I thought I made the correct exit behind her but next thing I knew, I could see her on a separate road and I was still on the freeway. So I had to look for a place to turn around and ended up going off-road where I ultimately had to get out of my car. I had to climb up these rocks and knew if I could make it up, I’d be back on the road where I could then turn my car around. As I was climbing up, I was kinda surprised I was doing so well and thought to myself, “Don’t think about it or you’ll fall.”

Once I made it up, I was walking back down the road to my car so I could turn it around. I met SH on the road and he told me how to get back where I needed to be. By this time my car was now an ATV so I could actually just physically lift it and turn it. He said if I could just get back down the road, “they”d be waiting to pick me up. 


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