Last night I dreamed about work. Over and over. I dreamed about this coming Monday and the preorders. I’d taken an order for bbq ribs and was stressing because that’s a dinner item, not a lunch item, and with the orders we had there was no way we could pull off ribs for this person’s lunch. I knew mom would be mad but I was still trying to think of some way to swing it.

I woke up and went back to sleep and every time it was work. I don’t even think the dream progressed much; it mostly just replayed the same scenario every time. I think I dreamed this same dream about four times.

One time when I woke up, I had a word I needed to write down to remember. I’ve forgotten it, but I dreamed about putting a post it pad by my bed so I can write down things I need to remember from dreams.

I dreamed I was watching Outlaw Star but that when I started it, it was in the wrong place from where I remembered. I realized I’d slept through too much and would have to restart a couple episodes previous.


It took me a long time to get out of bed this morning. I got stuck between dreaming and being actually awake and couldn’t really move.


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