Last night I dreamed that we were in a classroom presenting our cases about theories about Yuri On Ice using powerpoint presentations.

I had another dream that I kept recycling and trying to remember for when I woke up, but I forgot it.

I had another dream that might’ve been vampires. We started with three young men in suits; kind of like from the Emma manga. The one guy I remember looked like Domeki from xxxHolic. I was there, or had a character there, but I saw everything from outside. A woman with red hair. Domeki-lookalike received a phone call and wrote down some information. One of the men was gone, like time had lapsed. Then I took the phone call and it was a mysterious old woman on the other end. She said something how we had been so much older then and now we were only 44; she gave me a phone number and the last four digits were 1888. I discussed this with the other two guys still left, believing it was a riddle and some kind of code. I looked at Domeki’s notes he took from when the woman had called him before and he had a lot more than I did. My theory was that she had given him all these clues but when we still couldn’t figure out the riddle, she dumbed it down and reduced the information that I got to make it easier for us to figure out. That was the phrase “you were so much older then” believing we were smarter but since we were only 44 instead of 88, we were childish and dumber and needed the information filtered.

Because we weren’t actually 44, all of us were 22. So it was metaphorical. The 1888 in the phone number correlated to the year. The other two guys were a bit skeptical and I said that Philip, the one guy from before who vanished in the time lapse, must have the final clues. I asked how long it would take us to go to where Philip now lived; 5 1/2 hours by carriage. I was thinking about how much faster it would be by modern transportation but whatever, if we had to make a day of it we’d go talk to Philip, stay over, and come back. The two guys didn’t seem to want to.

It changed again and now Domeki looked more vampire-y and had reddish hair. He looks like someone I know from an anime but I can’t place it. He was sleeping in a giant bed with satin sheets with our little adorable son. It was morning and my character was trying to wake him up, saying it was the day we were going to visit Philip to solve the riddle. He tried pulling me into bed because he was lazy and didn’t really want to go. Our son woke up and asked what we were doing; I stroked his hair (he was so cute) and told him we were going for a big carriage ride today, which he got excited about so my husband was kind of tricked into going or else disappoint our son.


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