Last night I dreamed about my dead grandparents.

We were supposed to go to a movie and they picked me up a half hour too early, especially considering that the movie theater IRL is a block from my office where they came to get me. Grandma was driving which was unusual because I don’t think she ever drove.

The parking lot to the theater was empty because it was too early. I suggested waiting in the lot for about ten minutes but as I suggested that she just drove on by because she was going to the Farmer’s Market. Grandpa was in the back seat and we were in a minivan and she was talking about how all the stuff would probably fit in the back. I had no desire to go to a Farmer’s Market and didn’t know how well produce would hold up in the back of a minivan while we were at a movie; I was also concerned that while we were too early for the movie, we were not early enough to allow for a trip to the market and back.

After going on these weird side roads we arrived. We split up from Grandpa with the understanding we’d all meet up after a while. He’d find us because I was given a Vivre Card like from One Piece.

I ended up at a table with some women who were my friends in the dream but I can’t place them now. I’m not even sure it was me anymore. They were all beautiful and put together. Grandma ended up there and placed a card in front of me on the table that was supposed to help with conception and as she was pushing it towards me, I said, “Uh, yeah, don’t need that” and I flicked it with my finger and it went sailing across the table, past my friend’s head, and way down a hallway. I laughed and said, “Touchdown!” because it was like that weird table football game people always played with folded paper in high school. All my friends laughed. My Grandma was not happy. My friend across from me said that she used the special paper as birth control and that’s all she’d ever used and never worried. We at the table thought that was great but I secretly had no desire to trust just paper.

Then the woman to my left was embarrassed because even though for years she’d bucked her Mormon tradition, she’d reached a point where she wanted to conceive and was using the paper for that. She was so embarrassed because everyone else at the table didn’t want kids and we laughed and told her she was being silly and if she wanted kids, that was great.

It was time to go meet Grandpa; the problem was the paper my grandma had forced on me that it’d flicked down the hallway was that same Vivre Card. I was worried about him finding us; I thought he’d be at the van but he wasn’t. Grandma didn’t seem worried in the least and we actually left without him.

Then the dream changed and I was walking on the side of the road with a couple boxes of things. He pulled up beside me in the van; Grandma was nowhere now. The van was backwards though–the steering wheel was on what would be the passenger side. While he walked to me I was able to rearrange the stuff in my donut boxes to make them easier to carry. I assumed he would let me in the van so I could get a ride and not have to carry the boxes all the way or at least let me put the boxes in the van but he didn’t seem inclined to. He just talked to me, not getting out of the van, with the window rolled down.