Last night I dreamed that Tom Hanks was in my restaurant. Only it didn’t look anything like my real-life restaurant, this was more pretentious-bistro. The woman in the couple I was waiting on was all excited, “That’s Tom Hanks over there!” I looked over and my coworker (who no longer works with me IRL) was there getting him coffee. I watched as he asked her, “Do you know who I am? I’m Tom Hanks.”

I told her to give him the real cream for his coffee instead of the little crappy creamers. But as the dream went on and I looked at him, I thought he looked too young and I thought it was suspicious that he would want her to know who he is; wouldn’t the real Tom Hanks want his privacy? And also be famous enough that he wouldn’t have to make a big deal of it? It seemed really off and out of character and I wondered if he was just a good impersonator.

I had another dream about wrapping up in a blanket and hiding in the bed of a pickup, keeping below the edge because I didn’t want the cops to see me. Mom was driving. I thought it would be easier for me to hide in the second row seat but instead I was in the truck bed, which then also had a canopy on it.


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