Same suggestion as before.

Last night I dreamed that I was at work trying to take an order but the person was arm wrestling with the person at the table next to them.

I also dreamed I was kind of trying to seduce a guy who wasn’t at all responsive or ticklish and that was slightly disappointing.

I also dreamed that someone posted to the Seth forum that they didn’t feel they were accomplishing anything and didn’t like it at all.


Same suggestion as the nights before.

Last night I dreamed I was with my parents at a house surrounded by water. It wasn’t flooding; that was just the location. We were on the white porch of the house but had to go do something and that involved just swimming through the water to wherever. I think dad was carrying his cat. Once we started swimming I realized that it wasn’t that deep and when I actually looked, the water was crystal clear and I could see clear to the bottom. There was all sorts of colorful, neat coral and seaweed and other water plants/ground cover. I didn’t see any fish but there were muskrats swimming around us.

I had another dream but I wasn’t in it, just watching it. Gokudera from Reborn was there, an older version. His hair looked the same as his younger version but he had a long thin braid down to his butt that you couldn’t see from the front. Somehow, it got cut off and he was distraught and I don’t know who he was talking to, I think Tsuna, “It’s proof of how long I’ve loved you.” And the person–I couldn’t see them, but I knew they smiled–said, “Silly Gokudera. You are the proof.”

I had another dream in which I was in a hotel room planning a trip to another hotel because I was going to visit Australia. I’d been googling places and called this Thai-themed hotel in Australia and the concierge was very nice. She was telling me all about it and then offered to give me the wifi key to log into their server so I could see all the amenities; the key was “Angela” named after their favorite employee and when I got there Angela would be happy to show me around. (Also, I believe it was pronounced more Angella, like Queen Angella from She-Ra but it was spelled Angela.) Then somehow there were acquaintances in the room with me and they’d stayed at the same hotel and met Angela and said how wonderful she is and I made the comment, “Well, I don’t want to meet her then because compared to you guys she’ll think I’m a real bitch.”

While on the phone with the concierge I wrote down the number 1018; I think it was the room number I was supposed to check out online using the wifi/server password. Mom saw it and said, “$1018? That’s still pretty expensive!” and I said, “That’s not the price, that’s the room number” while thinking that a trip to Australia for three people (I don’t know who the other two people in this equation were) would be way more than $1018.


I used the same suggestion prior to sleeping as the night before.

Last night I dreamed I was at the warehouse with my family. I loaned a former coworker $20 (which changed to $50 later on in the dream). She paid it back but then other people were outside and kept complaining to me that they had borrowed money from her. I told them that was none of my business, to take it up with her. They were made because they borrowed $30 but when they went to repay it, it was $50 because my former coworker’s boyfriend, who apparently was brokering the thing, charged them interest and fees. I thought to myself that was pretty sketchy, but again, I told them to take that up with him and that I had nothing to do with it.

These groups of people (two or three to a group) kept kind of stalking my business and threatening violence. I was in the back loading dock room in the hopes they couldn’t see me through the windows and would leave but instead one girl found her way in through the back door. She brushed up against my arm and I felt something prickly; I looked down and she was brandishing a taser and giving me a threatening look. I asked, “Are you really threatening me with a taser?” I stood up and she only came up to about my chest, she was really small. And the taser looked very homemade. I said, “Are you really threatening me with a fucking taser?!” at which point I grabbed her arms, spun her, and pinned her. I sat on her, keeping her on the ground, holding her hands behind her back.

I told my mom to call the cops; I knew them so I was confident they would listen to me and believe me and we could clear this whole stupid thing up. Before doing that, however, the girl was now wearing this weird tinfoil hat thing and mom hooked the girl’s homemade taser (which she had dropped in the struggle, I believe) up to the hat. I could feel the girl twitching and I said, “Mom, what are you doing, that’s too much…” (I was still holding the girls arms and keeping her on the ground.) Mom finally turned the taser hat off but I knew it was too late. I don’t know if it was just a thought or aloud that I said, “Well, calling the cops just got a lot tougher now that we have a dead body.”


Before sleeping I set the intention: “Tonight I am going to wake up after the most important dream of the night. I will remember it completely and write it down.”

I woke up after the first couple of dreams but didn’t feel like writing them.

Last night I dreamed I was at my massage office working on a client and my contacts were bothering me so I took one out during the session. I took the other out after the session was over and put on my glasses [which I never have at my office]. I realized while looking over the rim of my glasses that I could see without them. I got excited but thought, “You can see close anyway, don’t overreact” so then I tested it by taking my glasses off and looking through the window but I could still see. I could see! I was so excited that I texted my mom and told her.

In the meantime, my client (who had an accent) came out front from the therapy room and I told him that while we’d worked on him for an hour, he needed to come back for another session to see results. He agreed to that and I gave him (I get the feeling I gave him back) what was supposed to be Nature of Personal Reality but the cover was actually the ESP book.

I wrote this one down without even thinking about it.

I also had another dream closer to morning that had kind of a Star Trek feeling to it mixed with elDLIVE. It took place on the bridge of a spaceship and this entity was making demands of the captain and the captain agreed but the entity (all I could see of it was a giant green clawed “hand”–the perspective was weird; I understood the captain’s feelings but I wasn’t the captain. I might’ve been the entity for all I could tell, or completely third person) got angry and demanded he do it immediately or else and when he said “or else” he crushed a woman’s skull in his hand and the captain was terrified and appalled and distraught. My emotion watching was pretty apathetic.

More interesting to me was a frosted door off to the side of the bridge because I realized it was a shower (room) and someone was using it. I could hear the water. I thought it seemed impractical but excessively fanservice-y to have a shower right off the bridge like that. But I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted to go in there and use it because I just knew that it had some amazing tub.


Last night I dreamed that Tom Hanks was in my restaurant. Only it didn’t look anything like my real-life restaurant, this was more pretentious-bistro. The woman in the couple I was waiting on was all excited, “That’s Tom Hanks over there!” I looked over and my coworker (who no longer works with me IRL) was there getting him coffee. I watched as he asked her, “Do you know who I am? I’m Tom Hanks.”

I told her to give him the real cream for his coffee instead of the little crappy creamers. But as the dream went on and I looked at him, I thought he looked too young and I thought it was suspicious that he would want her to know who he is; wouldn’t the real Tom Hanks want his privacy? And also be famous enough that he wouldn’t have to make a big deal of it? It seemed really off and out of character and I wondered if he was just a good impersonator.

I had another dream about wrapping up in a blanket and hiding in the bed of a pickup, keeping below the edge because I didn’t want the cops to see me. Mom was driving. I thought it would be easier for me to hide in the second row seat but instead I was in the truck bed, which then also had a canopy on it.


Last night I dreamed about my dead grandparents.

We were supposed to go to a movie and they picked me up a half hour too early, especially considering that the movie theater IRL is a block from my office where they came to get me. Grandma was driving which was unusual because I don’t think she ever drove.

The parking lot to the theater was empty because it was too early. I suggested waiting in the lot for about ten minutes but as I suggested that she just drove on by because she was going to the Farmer’s Market. Grandpa was in the back seat and we were in a minivan and she was talking about how all the stuff would probably fit in the back. I had no desire to go to a Farmer’s Market and didn’t know how well produce would hold up in the back of a minivan while we were at a movie; I was also concerned that while we were too early for the movie, we were not early enough to allow for a trip to the market and back.

After going on these weird side roads we arrived. We split up from Grandpa with the understanding we’d all meet up after a while. He’d find us because I was given a Vivre Card like from One Piece.

I ended up at a table with some women who were my friends in the dream but I can’t place them now. I’m not even sure it was me anymore. They were all beautiful and put together. Grandma ended up there and placed a card in front of me on the table that was supposed to help with conception and as she was pushing it towards me, I said, “Uh, yeah, don’t need that” and I flicked it with my finger and it went sailing across the table, past my friend’s head, and way down a hallway. I laughed and said, “Touchdown!” because it was like that weird table football game people always played with folded paper in high school. All my friends laughed. My Grandma was not happy. My friend across from me said that she used the special paper as birth control and that’s all she’d ever used and never worried. We at the table thought that was great but I secretly had no desire to trust just paper.

Then the woman to my left was embarrassed because even though for years she’d bucked her Mormon tradition, she’d reached a point where she wanted to conceive and was using the paper for that. She was so embarrassed because everyone else at the table didn’t want kids and we laughed and told her she was being silly and if she wanted kids, that was great.

It was time to go meet Grandpa; the problem was the paper my grandma had forced on me that it’d flicked down the hallway was that same Vivre Card. I was worried about him finding us; I thought he’d be at the van but he wasn’t. Grandma didn’t seem worried in the least and we actually left without him.

Then the dream changed and I was walking on the side of the road with a couple boxes of things. He pulled up beside me in the van; Grandma was nowhere now. The van was backwards though–the steering wheel was on what would be the passenger side. While he walked to me I was able to rearrange the stuff in my donut boxes to make them easier to carry. I assumed he would let me in the van so I could get a ride and not have to carry the boxes all the way or at least let me put the boxes in the van but he didn’t seem inclined to. He just talked to me, not getting out of the van, with the window rolled down.