Last night I dreamed that I was in the restaurant and we were busy. I had a table of 3 and a table of 4 waiting for me; I had menus and silverware in my hands when the table of four came up to the counter and started telling me orders. I said, “I’m not quite ready; go ahead and have a seat and I’ll take your order.” The table of 3 was irritated because they were actually there first.

I went to take the four-top’s order and suddenly I’m outside in like a rose garden at teatime. These four high-maintenance old ladies gave me their orders. One lady just wanted a cup of chicken noodle soup. Then she immediately gave me her card and I was like, “Well, I’m not really ready for that yet, but whatever.” So I dished up her soup and charged her card. I ended up doing a few other things and realized she wanted her soup for here and not to go, so I had to try to remember that whenever I was done with what I was doing, I needed to scrape it out and put it in a bowl.

Then I had a dream where a young long-haired man (think like Mowgli from the Jungle Book, but a little older) was in a cell in a cave with two beastmen. I was not in the dream, just watching. Eventually their soldier-like captors came (soldiers with red capes, not like present-day military) and the three in the cell rushed them and actually broke the rusty bars and killed them. Then the POV switched and I saw a wandering-traveler type come upon this cave…kind of in the cave? and the prisoners hadn’t actually left. They’d used blankets and the bars to make kind of a lean-to. The wanderer tried getting them to come out but they were afraid and he didn’t understand why they didn’t truly seek freedom. They were lying on the ground, starving, each had a canteen of water. The wanderer kept trying to convince them to leave and come outside their cave and eat and drink fresh water.

They got mad and even lying down, spilled their canteens out of stubbornness to prove that they were fine, that they didn’t need to leave. Then they realized what they’d done, spilled the last of their water, and were desperately trying to lap it up from the ground but it was sinking into the sand. I was still “watching” the dream, not part of it, but I knew the wanderer was thinking to himself, “These poor fools don’t even know how to get water from the ground.”

I also had a dream where I was in front of a mirror putting on makeup. It was me but not me. I looked pretty good. I heard someone’s thought–a female thought–about how she expected me to know how to pick good makeup. I put on lipstick; it was kind of sparkly. I chose one color for the top lip and one darker color for the bottom. Reddish-browns. They were very vivid but somehow still looked good. I was worried it looked a bit too clownish so I tidied up around my lipline with an liner and rolled my lips together to merge the colors and was really happy with the result. I was wearing a sparkly brown sweater, actually similar to something I used to own in real life.

Then I dreamed that I was working on a project in blender and I was trying to resize an image to fit it in a window. That action somehow created a new square window in the upper-left corner. I hit ctrl+z to undo it, but instead that just created a “room” in that window with a checkered floor and a silver table with a tea set on it and I think a chair further in the background. So then I tried hitting the undo icon/button to get rid of the square window with the room but all that did was get rid of the tea set. Hitting it again got rid of the silver table. Hitting it again undid my undo-s and added those back in.