Before sleeping I set the intention: “Tonight I am going to wake up after the most important dream of the night. I will remember it completely and write it down.”

I woke up after the first couple of dreams but didn’t feel like writing them.

Last night I dreamed I was at my massage office working on a client and my contacts were bothering me so I took one out during the session. I took the other out after the session was over and put on my glasses [which I never have at my office]. I realized while looking over the rim of my glasses that I could see without them. I got excited but thought, “You can see close anyway, don’t overreact” so then I tested it by taking my glasses off and looking through the window but I could still see. I could see! I was so excited that I texted my mom and told her.

In the meantime, my client (who had an accent) came out front from the therapy room and I told him that while we’d worked on him for an hour, he needed to come back for another session to see results. He agreed to that and I gave him (I get the feeling I gave him back) what was supposed to be Nature of Personal Reality but the cover was actually the ESP book.

I wrote this one down without even thinking about it.

I also had another dream closer to morning that had kind of a Star Trek feeling to it mixed with elDLIVE. It took place on the bridge of a spaceship and this entity was making demands of the captain and the captain agreed but the entity (all I could see of it was a giant green clawed “hand”–the perspective was weird; I understood the captain’s feelings but I wasn’t the captain. I might’ve been the entity for all I could tell, or completely third person) got angry and demanded he do it immediately or else and when he said “or else” he crushed a woman’s skull in his hand and the captain was terrified and appalled and distraught. My emotion watching was pretty apathetic.

More interesting to me was a frosted door off to the side of the bridge because I realized it was a shower (room) and someone was using it. I could hear the water. I thought it seemed impractical but excessively fanservice-y to have a shower right off the bridge like that. But I couldn’t help thinking that I wanted to go in there and use it because I just knew that it had some amazing tub.



Last night I dreamed that I was in a house with Tsukimi who was also Plushateer. I think it was actually Dick’s old house. I wanted to buy it but couldn’t afford it; MM was my realtor. I kept getting reports about the assessment of the house but it was still at $153,000 which was too much for me. Then I realized that it had outstanding tax debt and if I could get it on the courthouse steps for $8000 then I could totally swing it.

Tsukimi/Plushateer (and Maximus, I think) and I were in the house with all the neat rooms and Plushateer asked me what I planned on doing. I said that I was just going to stay home and clean house and vacuum and be like a housewife for a while. She seemed surprised and then we were looking at these report cards of our lives. I said, “I’ve been an overachiever most of my life –well, by US standards, maybe not by Asian standards– so what’s wrong with taking a little break?” My graph was all in the 90s and then showed if I stayed home it would drop off and evaluate that time as 0 achievement. Plushateer decided maybe I was right and she was going to work as a computer programmer to make money to support the house. It wasn’t a romantic relationship; the roles were just kind of defined that way. It was more just a cooperative relationship.

I had another dream that I made notes before going back to bed: “Dinner/event.” “‘Don’t want stuff from China!'” I make notes to jog my memory but it seems instead the notes release it from my memory altogether. I know it was something at the restaurant but I don’t remember anything else.

I had another dream where I was explaining a massage to someone. I was hoping they’d opt for a foot + back massage for the hour instead of a full-body. I was explaining that unless you have leg or arm issues specifically, this was really the better way to go.


Last night I dreamed about Touken Ranbu and Outlaw Star. They were mingled together, I think.

I also dreamed that I was at the warehouse and people stopped by trying to find me for a massage and I didn’t want to do it. There were several vehicles outside looking through the glass doors. I was by the other office and could see them through the windows; I was tucked into a corner where they couldn’t see me unless they came around to the other door. When they started to come around, I started walking away into the other area and pretended I couldn’t see or hear them. I think I tried going out the back but ended up ambushed by a guy I know (and don’t like) IRL. I believe I made up some excuse as to why I couldn’t do the massage.