Last night I dreamed that it was time for the podcast but I’d forgotten to discuss/schedule Natsume’s segment. He said it would be no problem and wanted to join us on the podcast. So he showed up in my dumpy little office where we record every week and it wasn’t until he started talking that I realized a) he’s an anime character, how is he all here like it’s normal? If anything, shouldn’t it be Hiroshi Kamiya? and b) he speaks Japanese; how the hell are we supposed to have a conversation and how did I understand him until I realized this?

I also dreamed that it was 7 pm and I was getting into bed because I was so tired. As I looked at the clock and realized it was only seven, I started to cry in frustration because I was sleeping my life away and would never have time to get anything done after work.

I also dreamed that it was New Year’s Eve and all the reservations had shown up at the same time…which also happened to be way early. I went out front and was in a tank top and it was chaos because my help had rearranged the tables to “help” me and nothing made sense. So I started rearranging tables and some of the guests asked me if it would work and I said, “I know it’ll work, I’ve done this before. Several times.” But as I was rearranging the tables to where I actually wanted them, I realized I was still in a tank top and looked like crap. I called to one of my staff and asked them to bring me my spare chef’s coat out of my locker but I realized it was too late and no one seemed to care.



Last night I dreamed that Yuri on Ice was between cours and they were assembling a new team. There was all this tension. The sniper looked like Chris. I guess it was kind of an A Team/YoI mashup.

I had another dream where dad wanted me to get this specific flower from a main street flower bed. I had to walk behind Ace Hardware or through it trying to disguise what I was doing. The flower bed in question was in front of an abandoned store so I didn’t think it would matter if I took it. It looked like a plastic bag sitting there so no one else knew what it was. It kind of resembled a jellyfish or giant mushroom with three root tentacles when I picked it up. It wasn’t anchored to the soil at all. I think ultimately decided it was a type of hozuki. After I brought it back, dad wanted me to get another one but I never could find a second one.

I had another dream that I was at work and David and his wife (who didn’t look anything like his wife in real life) wanted smoothies to go. They gave me an order list that was 5 strawberry smoothies, 2 mango (I don’t remember for sure, some orange color), “clean the blender” and “price list” and “how to use online ordering.” I clarified there that we don’t have online ordering because I never set it up since our specials change daily. The wife said she was so frustrated because she couldn’t figure out how to use it because people had told her they had. I said, “They must be lying then, because it’s never been set up. I can’t risk people ordering stuff and me not having it and then having to tell them that when they show up to pick it up after they’ve already paid online.” She thought that made sense. Mom warned me that I had to make the smoothies two at a time because the machine couldn’t handle all five strawberry ones at once. At first it was problematic and the ice seemed low but then I realized that the ice chute wasn’t lined up properly so I fixed that. I made the first two and was pretty sure I actually used raspberry flavor because it was red and there was no strawberry. The blender was clean but I figured they must have seen it when it looked bad before I’d cleaned it.

I had another dream that involved reading newspapers. I was looking for something. There was talk about two people getting married but it was actually listed in the obituaries. Dad didn’t understand for some reason and someone was there explaining they were two young independent book publishers. Then somehow it had to do with Natsume’s Book of Friends and my brother wanted to see how these people met. We were on a long kind of suspension bridge but then it was a snowy road and I inhabited the main character since I’d seen the episode before. Then it wasn’t my brother, it was the girl looking for her fiancé. The wind was so bad I had to sit in the snow and pull myself along with my hands. I caught a glance at the yokai who was a little purple ball thing ahead of me. But before I could get to him there was a foot-tall SD chibi-fied Jotaro Kujo (in the black outfit, Stardust Crusaders style) right on the edge of this road/bridge. I held out my hand and he took it. So I put him on my lap and continued pulling myself along with my upper body going after this yokai. I caught up to him and he sat on my lap too. Now we just had to continue our journey to the end of the snowy road where the yokai would be reunited with his fiancée. 

I had another dream about a young singer who was a YouTube sensation and then was all over the media. But once we started investigating we realized she had been on several different programs all with a different persona but was actually the same person. Then there’s kind of a montage of finding all this evidence of her out there doing all these interviews, and in everyone one they ask her about her talent and she says, “I practiced a lot.” In one interview she was gothed-out kind of and faking a british accent and had this cute short purple hair and Beyoncé was interviewing her and the girl managed some backhanded comment about how Beyonce’s haircut was similar to hers only had more of a football helmet look. The underlying thing, however, was that the girl might not have been human and despite her consistent answer of “I practiced a lot,” practice actually had nothing to do with it. Though it made myself in the dream wonder if there was a way I could practice and be able to sing.