Last night I dreamed about Touken Ranbu and Outlaw Star. They were mingled together, I think.

I also dreamed that I was at the warehouse and people stopped by trying to find me for a massage and I didn’t want to do it. There were several vehicles outside looking through the glass doors. I was by the other office and could see them through the windows; I was tucked into a corner where they couldn’t see me unless they came around to the other door. When they started to come around, I started walking away into the other area and pretended I couldn’t see or hear them. I think I tried going out the back but ended up ambushed by a guy I know (and don’t like) IRL. I believe I made up some excuse as to why I couldn’t do the massage.



Last night I dreamed about Outlaw Star.

I also dreamed I was in a house with a bunch of carpeted rooms. Maximus was there. He had toys in every room and carpeted mazes. I needed to vacuum. I tossed him a toy and it hit him in the face; I thought, “Oh, that’s right, he’s blind. He may look better because he’s in a dream, but he’s still blind.”

For another dream I just have the notes: “AP. Drama. Keijo coach. Noya’s VA.” All I remember from this is that one character had Nishinoya’s seiyuu and that freaked AP out.

In another dream there was a kooky anime-style family. There was a teenager daughter that was a pro blogger/photographer and she was taking pictures while on a train. There was a photo competition; AP was taking a picture of a kid on stage who looked like an angel because of how the light scattered/reflected behind him. Then there was another picture submitted of AP taking that picture. Ultimately, the winner of the competition was a photo demonstrating three uses/stages of a cane. There were three different people arranged on steps, an old woman, a younger woman, and I don’t remember the third. All with canes but holding them different ways. I don’t know whether the cane picture or the “picture of AP taking a picture” was the photo that the blogger daughter took. Maybe both, for all I know.

In another dream, I heard the song “Regal Generation” by the Generation of Miracles. After the first play, it played again, and when my mom and brother were confused, I explained that the second song–the one we were listening to now–is Aomine’s version.

In another dream, I was standing at an intersection. It’s the same one as dreams before; I think last time I was wearing a promotional t-shirt to advertise a place. I was worried because Maximus was by the sidewalk and was likely to walk into the road but I was on the other side. A guy in a company-branded pickup went roaring by; after he passed, Maximus was gone. I walked up the road, following the truck, and found Maximus in the middle of the road. He had stowed away in the wheel well. He was just fine and I thought, “No matter what happens, he’s alive now because this is a dream.”

In another dream I was visiting “friends”–I think it might have been the kooky anime family from the previous dream. One of the daughters (I don’t think it was the photographer one) insisted I needed to watch the “new” Toy Story movies, that I would just love them (I got the impression they were “new” Toy Story movies much like the “new” Star Wars movies). I really didn’t want to but I was a guest and couldn’t turn her down. We were on a pull-out couch under blankets and her mom (a customer of mine in RL) was watching with us. We were crammed in way too close and the mom especially was too close and was kind of playing footsie with me but not and it made me really uncomfortable.

Then we were in a gym at a school fair. Half the gym was set up to watch the stage and other other half had little booths set up. I saw GG’s wife and I was thinking about their son and realized he had a different last name (this is not true IRL). So the wife was at a booth, discreetly practicing her signature for writing checks with her new last name because she wasn’t used to it. When she left, I found the pad of paper she was using and I tried writing her name too, just to see if I could copy it. The person next to me said, “You better quit that! He’s coming, he’ll see you!” He walked by me and gave me a nasty look but didn’t see what I was doing. Then GG moved toward the middle of the room where he was correcting a softball/batting demonstration being given by his daughter.


Last night I dreamed about work. Over and over. I dreamed about this coming Monday and the preorders. I’d taken an order for bbq ribs and was stressing because that’s a dinner item, not a lunch item, and with the orders we had there was no way we could pull off ribs for this person’s lunch. I knew mom would be mad but I was still trying to think of some way to swing it.

I woke up and went back to sleep and every time it was work. I don’t even think the dream progressed much; it mostly just replayed the same scenario every time. I think I dreamed this same dream about four times.

One time when I woke up, I had a word I needed to write down to remember. I’ve forgotten it, but I dreamed about putting a post it pad by my bed so I can write down things I need to remember from dreams.

I dreamed I was watching Outlaw Star but that when I started it, it was in the wrong place from where I remembered. I realized I’d slept through too much and would have to restart a couple episodes previous.


It took me a long time to get out of bed this morning. I got stuck between dreaming and being actually awake and couldn’t really move.