Last night I dreamed that it was time for the podcast but I’d forgotten to discuss/schedule Natsume’s segment. He said it would be no problem and wanted to join us on the podcast. So he showed up in my dumpy little office where we record every week and it wasn’t until he started talking that I realized a) he’s an anime character, how is he all here like it’s normal? If anything, shouldn’t it be Hiroshi Kamiya? and b) he speaks Japanese; how the hell are we supposed to have a conversation and how did I understand him until I realized this?

I also dreamed that it was 7 pm and I was getting into bed because I was so tired. As I looked at the clock and realized it was only seven, I started to cry in frustration because I was sleeping my life away and would never have time to get anything done after work.

I also dreamed that it was New Year’s Eve and all the reservations had shown up at the same time…which also happened to be way early. I went out front and was in a tank top and it was chaos because my help had rearranged the tables to “help” me and nothing made sense. So I started rearranging tables and some of the guests asked me if it would work and I said, “I know it’ll work, I’ve done this before. Several times.” But as I was rearranging the tables to where I actually wanted them, I realized I was still in a tank top and looked like crap. I called to one of my staff and asked them to bring me my spare chef’s coat out of my locker but I realized it was too late and no one seemed to care.