Last night I dreamed that there was a final performance of rakugo at a theater and Hiroshi Kamiya was supremely honored to be the one doing it. This was my first dream of the night; I’d barely fallen asleep.

I had another dream that I was at work but I was considering getting a test done on my foot that required my ankle to be chopped off so they could scan and analyze the cross-section. The rehab after surgery required that I wear a skin-tight suit (I’m thinking like in Keijo) to strengthen the muscles. I was considering scheduling it between busy days.

I had another dream that I don’t remember really except I wasn’t in it, just watching it. There was even a narrator. My notes say: “Mormon families. Promised Neverland. The Village.” A man lost his arms but someone was able to put them back on. A little girl was kidnapped and I think raped (according to the narrator) but the man who lost his arms went and killed the kidnapper.

I had another dream about writing a bunch of shorthand of my dreams.

I had another dream where I was in the bleachers at a sporting event, I think football. Probably high school football. V was to my left, K was to my right with one of her kids that had sticky knuckles, and T was behind me, giving me crap about a $40 gift card I’d given to the freshman kid working for me.