Last night I dreamed about Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru. I wasn’t in the dream, just watching. The boys weren’t doing anything specific; it was kind of just like watching an episode of the anime.

Then mom & I were going to go to dinner at Donald Trump’s restaurant, which was located on a yacht in a giant pond in the middle of town. (I apparently knew my way around the town but it didn’t resemble my real town at all.) We were reading the menu for the evening and the dish I wanted to try was $210. It was tenderloin stuffed with cucumber sauce (which didn’t sound that good, but I thought I’d try it) and a lobster tail. However, there were aspects of the description that seemed really amateurish and I was surprised such a fancy restaurant would go that route. Mom wasn’t really sure what she wanted because none of the dishes sounded very good. It didn’t matter, though, because as we went up the stairs to go in, they wouldn’t let us in because of the dress code since I was in my usual hoodie and yoga pants.

As I was leaving, mom left the dream and it was just me walking down the stairs from a large ballroom place and people were rushing around me, panicking because the President-Elect had died. My first thought was that I didn’t want to believe it and that if I refused to believe it, I could still save him. My second thought was that Baron would be so sad. I kept walking down the stairs and hearing the rumors; he died from illness was the first one but then they became more concrete: he had been speaking in the ballroom when he collapsed was the official line they were putting out, but he had actually been shot because the whole ballroom erupted into chaos at once when people heard the shot. But they didn’t want that to be public so they just said he collapsed on stage due to a medical condition.

I wanted to get away from this so I kept walking and ended up meeting people I knew. (I don’t know them in real life, but I knew them in the dream.) They were playing a weird kind of home run derby/baseball-but-not-baseball game. I was in the outfield and didn’t have a mitt. It wasn’t actually a baseball diamond just a field and the batter’s box was kind of just under a half-shed thing. No one played catcher. I was barefoot and almost stepped in dog poop; I was worried I got it on my shirt because I’d been lying on the grass earlier. I hoped someone would tell me if that was the case but I doubted they would. The first batter hit a ball high over my head and they yelled at me for not running fast enough to catch it. I didn’t see what was so important about this game that we didn’t even have mitts for; not to mention outfield is not my forte so I didn’t understand why they’d put me there. The one guy who organized the game and maybe was an ex boyfriend? came over and talked to me about how he put all those quarters in the machine so we could play and I wasn’t even trying and everyone on the team was mad at me because I wasn’t putting in any effort. I thought the whole thing was a bit dumb; apparently the “machine” he talked about kept track of your hits and your catches and gave you a score. I think there should’ve been a pitching machine but humans were actually pitching. There were no teams; you either were trying to hit or trying to catch to up your individual score.

I did somehow end up with a mitt but it went on my right hand, which wasn’t all that helpful because although I am left-handed, I catch left/throw right. In the dream I did hit a couple balls which I thought was odd even in the dream because I can’t hit for shit. I did go ahead and try to catch in the outfield using the right-hand mitt, figuring it was better than nothing. However, when the game was over, the computer he’d “put all his quarters in” went through all the players and I had a perfect zero score and it was making fun of me. I did think, “Well, yeah, that makes sense…” but then I thought, “Wait, didn’t I actually get two hits? And a couple catches? How did I get zero?” But it didn’t really matter.

I was walking by a television and they were talking about whether now Hillary could be president. Mike Pence was on the tv, saying that while he didn’t expect this, he should be the person to continue. He was trying to lighten the mood as he talked and I thought, “Oh, don’t do that and make those funny faces. They’ll compare you to George W and no one wants that.” Then Hillary was on, trying to be president, and I thought, “No, it has nothing to do with you, you have no right. It should go to the VP.” But I realized that I’d never heard of a case of a president dying before he was inaugurated so I wasn’t actually sure legally if Pence should be president or not. I walked by the location of the yacht restaurant and it was just a big shallow pool; the yacht had been closed/was gone.

Then I was at work and all hell was breaking loose. We were completely full in the front and the service table was full of half-completed orders. ET (initials, not extra-terrestrial) was there, working out front. AC was there too, BB, no CM or CD. I looked out and saw people waiting for their food…Frank and Vicki were there and I saw on their ticket they were just waiting for soups. However, mom had packaged them to go instead of for in house. I was getting ready to fix it and ET says from the driveup, “Oh, you’re just standing there. Do ____.” I said, “No, I’m doing this.” And people were shocked and mom was mad at me for being mean (of course). Then I was looking for saucers to but the bowls of soup on and they were all dirty, so I was washing saucers and shuffling through them trying to find clean ones. Finally, I got the soups plated. I was going to have ET take them out but instead I just delivered them to the table.

Then it was just me out there by myself and I had a kind of troll-y guy at the counter wanting to place a to go order; a burger with cheese, loaded, and fries. As I was asking him if he wanted lettuce, tomato, pickles, onion and he was saying yes, ET was just standing there, and said, “Yes, he wants all that. I could’ve had this entered by now.” And I said, “Then why didn’t you? He’s been standing here forever.” Then he goes, “I guess you’re out of caramel rolls…” and I said, “Uh, there are two up here on the counter” (where they had been the whole time, I don’t know why he couldn’t see them) and he wanted one boxed up to go. Another lady was standing there, wanting a to go, and as I was trying to talk to her I heard this other lady at a table talking loudly about how she had been there earlier with Larry and they’d walked out because no one had ever waited on them and I thought, “If we were too busy earlier, it’s because we were putting together that giant to go order for Larry’s office at that time! It’s his own fault!” But then I thought, “Well, you came back, so obviously you weren’t too pissed.” But the lady whose order I was trying to take was embarrassed because this lady was talking so loudly we couldn’t hear ourselves. I heard another lady at a table complaining of a similar thing and that’s when I realized that ET had just been ignoring people out front as she wanted and I got so frustrated.

So I’m trying to take this lady’s order and she orders a reuben, which I don’t have. I look at the menu she had and it’s a really oooold one with the reuben still on there (IRL, reuben was never on the menu). I was like, “How the heck did you get this? I’ve traded all these out!” Well, of course ET gave it to her. She said, “Well, if I can’t get a reuben, I’ll take the short ribs.” And I’m like, “Those are for dinner, not lunch.” Finally I said I’d go see if we had the stuff to throw together a reuben. I go ask mom and she’s like, “No, why would I?” And I said, “Because apparently ET is giving people old menus that have reubens still on them and then just flat out ignoring other people.” So I had no reuben, couldn’t do ribs, and the thought of going out talking to this woman once again just made me want to cry.