Before I went to sleep, I set the intention I wanted to dream about Yuri on Ice.

Last night I dreamed about Yuri. I woke up suddenly so I don’t remember the details but there was Yuri and Tsukimi from Princess Jellyfish and they were at my high school. I always dream about the same hallway, to the extent I can’t even remember if that hallway was actually real or it’s just always been in dreams. I do recall Yuri was a skating coach; I believe he was coaching Tsukimi. Then again, Tsukimi might have been designing his costume. There was a skating performance involved; Yuri was the one skating. I was not in the dream at all; I just watched it all happen.

I woke up suddenly. When I went back to sleep, I immediately dreamed/thought, “You did it! Remember that you dreamed this!”

Then I dreamed I was in Toronto and we were hanging out watching movies. I was in my bare feet and my feet stunk. I could smell them; like sour pickles. I was desperately hoping that maybe it was just my sensitive sense of smell and the others couldn’t smell it. But I could tell by ITG’s face that he could but was too polite to say anything. How embarrassing.

After waking up to my alarm, I hit the snooze and dreamed that I was trying to remember details of my Yuri dream to blog when I woke up. However, Victor could hear my thoughts through a dead radio and he started freaking out and worrying that his life was in danger.