Last night I dreamed that it was my last day in Toronto so Plushateer and I were going to hit Kaji one more time before I left. However, I had a feeling as we were driving to Kaji and I googled it and told her, “It’s Wednesday; Kaji closes at 8. It’s 8:15.”

So while that was a bummer, we ended up at another little restaurant with kind of a French cottage motif that Plushateer thought was really cute, much to my surprise. Instead of tables we were seated at a couch with kind of a coffee table in front of us. The menu was huge and I was having a hard time deciding. The first few pages were kitchen products for sale, including a chef’s coat that matches one I have.

I was feeling badly because I didn’t want to hold up the place. I explained to Plushateer, “By 7:30, my people have the kitchen all broken down. That last half hour before closing is stressful because they get mad if people come in. Now it’s 8:15 and this place closes at 8:45; they probably don’t even want us here.”

But in the meantime a couple of businessmen-looking guys came in and were seated somewhat close to us and they had the air of people who were going to stay awhile. So that took some of the pressure off. A guy came over to take our order and I told Plushateer to go ahead, that I’d decide by the time she was done ordering. I kind of knew what I wanted but the menu was so huge I was having trouble finding it again.

She ordered something like an oysters rockefeller and requested, “The oysters be well done because she won’t eat them otherwise” and I said, “What do you mean? I can eat ’em raw. Unless by ‘she’ you mean you..?” And we started laughing, including the waiter. I still hadn’t ordered my food but we were both going to get lemonades until he informed us the lemonade came from a powder and I said nevermind, I’d take a Coke. Which, after I said that, I really just wanted an iced tea.

I never did order because then I realized I was dreaming and sitting on that same couch, menu in hand, I told Plushateer, “Oh, I have to remember to blog this!” And started recounting the dream to her.



Last night I dreamed that I was looking for my other set of Invisalign retainers. I remembered I’d taken them to Toronto a year ago so I dug around in the travel bag I took and found them in a ziploc. They were all moldy and gross but I knew I could clean them up.

I had another dream that the characters from Polar Bear Cafe were struggling with this week’s Seth assignments.


Before I went to sleep, I set the intention I wanted to dream about Yuri on Ice.

Last night I dreamed about Yuri. I woke up suddenly so I don’t remember the details but there was Yuri and Tsukimi from Princess Jellyfish and they were at my high school. I always dream about the same hallway, to the extent I can’t even remember if that hallway was actually real or it’s just always been in dreams. I do recall Yuri was a skating coach; I believe he was coaching Tsukimi. Then again, Tsukimi might have been designing his costume. There was a skating performance involved; Yuri was the one skating. I was not in the dream at all; I just watched it all happen.

I woke up suddenly. When I went back to sleep, I immediately dreamed/thought, “You did it! Remember that you dreamed this!”

Then I dreamed I was in Toronto and we were hanging out watching movies. I was in my bare feet and my feet stunk. I could smell them; like sour pickles. I was desperately hoping that maybe it was just my sensitive sense of smell and the others couldn’t smell it. But I could tell by ITG’s face that he could but was too polite to say anything. How embarrassing.

After waking up to my alarm, I hit the snooze and dreamed that I was trying to remember details of my Yuri dream to blog when I woke up. However, Victor could hear my thoughts through a dead radio and he started freaking out and worrying that his life was in danger.