Same suggestion as the nights before.

Last night I dreamed I was with my parents at a house surrounded by water. It wasn’t flooding; that was just the location. We were on the white porch of the house but had to go do something and that involved just swimming through the water to wherever. I think dad was carrying his cat. Once we started swimming I realized that it wasn’t that deep and when I actually looked, the water was crystal clear and I could see clear to the bottom. There was all sorts of colorful, neat coral and seaweed and other water plants/ground cover. I didn’t see any fish but there were muskrats swimming around us.

I had another dream but I wasn’t in it, just watching it. Gokudera from Reborn was there, an older version. His hair looked the same as his younger version but he had a long thin braid down to his butt that you couldn’t see from the front. Somehow, it got cut off and he was distraught and I don’t know who he was talking to, I think Tsuna, “It’s proof of how long I’ve loved you.” And the person–I couldn’t see them, but I knew they smiled–said, “Silly Gokudera. You are the proof.”

I had another dream in which I was in a hotel room planning a trip to another hotel because I was going to visit Australia. I’d been googling places and called this Thai-themed hotel in Australia and the concierge was very nice. She was telling me all about it and then offered to give me the wifi key to log into their server so I could see all the amenities; the key was “Angela” named after their favorite employee and when I got there Angela would be happy to show me around. (Also, I believe it was pronounced more Angella, like Queen Angella from She-Ra but it was spelled Angela.) Then somehow there were acquaintances in the room with me and they’d stayed at the same hotel and met Angela and said how wonderful she is and I made the comment, “Well, I don’t want to meet her then because compared to you guys she’ll think I’m a real bitch.”

While on the phone with the concierge I wrote down the number 1018; I think it was the room number I was supposed to check out online using the wifi/server password. Mom saw it and said, “$1018? That’s still pretty expensive!” and I said, “That’s not the price, that’s the room number” while thinking that a trip to Australia for three people (I don’t know who the other two people in this equation were) would be way more than $1018.



Before going to sleep, I set the intention that I wanted to meet someone via dreams.

Last night I dreamed that I went to visit Tiffany who was living in kind of a big dorm. She was in room 12. I’ve seen this hallway and setup before; I knew exactly where her room was. It might have been the same location as Char’s room when I dreamed about him. Inside it was more like a hotel room than a dorm with a bit lit vanity and cream-colored walls and a huge walk in closet. She seemed really unhappy and I got the impression that she had no friends and her classmates (?) didn’t like her. While she was in class I visited a little deli (I’ve seen this place in other dreams too) and got the story from the owner behind the counter that confirmed my suspicions.

When I went back to her room, Maximus was there. We were in the closet, which was connected to the bathroom. I don’t recall why but I had started the water for something and realized the sink was overflowing. I could see water around the walls of the closet and worried that it would leak through to the room on the other side and we’d be busted since I don’t think Maximus or I was really supposed to be there. Fortunately she had so many clothes and towels lying around on the floor I was able to use them to soak up the water. At some point Maximus bonked his head and was yelping.

The cat woke me up and when I got back into bed I realized that Maximus must’ve been the answer to my request for an encounter.

I remember seeing a man with shoulder-length silver hair that was supposed to be Victor, but he wasn’t.

Another dream took place at my warehouse. I was in the back where my brother lives and there were several people there, I think for a sleepover? I remember a kid with freckles and short spiky hair; he looked like an anime character. We heard a strange sound banging against the back door but when we opened it, nothing was there. It was dark outside and ominous. They were just going to close the door and ignore it but I wasn’t staying over; I needed to go outside and go home and wanted to someone to walk out there with me.

Same place but different time. I was waiting for UPS, I think. I had a different driver than my usual one, this guy was supposed to be my previous driver (but IRL he wasn’t; he was a guy in high school the same time I was). I asked him what he’d been up to but was secretly missing my usual driver, “my Keanu Reeves lookalike.” (Also not true IRL.) For some reason I was organizing a display of fall vegetables. I was stacking pumpkins and squash and zucchini and cucumbers of all sizes, trying to fill in gaps but make it look fancy.