Last night I dreamed I was at work. It was breakfast service and Brewsters were there, out on a patio kind of like the rose garden a few dreams ago. Another person was with them. He ordered all the components of a breakfast platter but ordered them separately and as I was trying to punch everything in, I’m thinking, “Can’t you just make this easy and order a platter?!” Then she ordered 70 eggs. I said, “Seven?” She said, “Seventy.” I said, “Well, each order is two eggs, so you want 35 orders..?” She said that’s what she wanted but I suggested we start with five orders and if she still wanted more, I’d keep sending orders in for more. She agreed. I can’t remember what the other person wanted; something pretty simple compared to what the other two got. Honestly, I wasn’t sure we had 75 eggs in the building.

I woke up and when I went back to sleep, I was back at work but it was lunch service. I was inside the building this time; we were full. Some people were waiting for me to take their orders but I was caught getting desserts for my vet who was in eating with her family. She wanted herb bread and cupcakes and one other thing I can’t remember. We had a lot of old things in the dessert case and I didn’t know why they were still in there because I didn’t want people to buy them. I knew the red velvet cupcakes were a week old; I opened the carton and touched one and it was plenty springy though. That’s when I noticed that many of the cupcakes weren’t frosted; each carton had 3 frosted, 3 unfrosted cupcakes. The herb bread was very fresh. I told her that I wouldn’t charge her for the cupcakes since they weren’t up to my standards.

By the time I got around to taking some orders, one girl was sitting on Booth 3 by herself–it was a girl who attended our Thanksgiving dinner–and I was super apologetic that it took so long but she said, “Oh, I’m not having lunch, I’m just going to have one of your _____.” I can’t remember the word now, but it was something similar to a crepe. Which was problematic because once she told me that, I thought, “I don’t think we have those today…” and I looked up at the dessert board to see if we had them at some point but sold out and I forgot to erase them..?

I had another dream where it was Wednesday and I was so happy because that meant a new episode of Yuri on Ice. It felt like the week had gone by so quickly.