Last night I dreamed that I was camping outside, or was at a campfire outside while my family was in a camp trailer. I punched a coyote. Then I started seeing wolves around the perimeter and decided to go inside the trailer. Somehow there were two upper bunks for me to choose from. I saw a corgi running around outside and didn’t want the wolves to get him but then I realized my corgi was sleeping under the table. So then when the outside corgi came in, I panicked wondering how we’d tell them apart because they were both fat and had the same coloring.

The trailer kind of turned into the restaurant and despite being closed ended up feeding breakfast to a guy. I was really hungry so I ate some of the fries he left behind. We were experimenting with shakes and meals in our big water carafes. We’d fill the carafe halfway with fries, then put the burger in, then top it with fries. It was a cute presentation and dad was worried it would cost too much but mom thought it might actually save us money. We did an orange creamsicle milkshake thing by lining the inside of the carafe with our orange creamsicle cheesecake. I had to wonder if it would take too much time to do things like this when we’re already pretty busy. Mrs. Harkink placed an order for dinner via carafe even though, like I said, we weren’t actually open.

I also dreamed that I was packing for Japan and was wondering if I needed to take a cuter bra. I found one in my closet that still had the tag on it but it still wasn’t really what I had in mind. I was also considering trying to meet up with friends over there for an evening to give the friends I was going with a break from hanging out with me. But then I’d need to pack nice clothes, which I don’t really have. I decided to try on the bra with the tag while standing in my closet and it was too tight; I couldn’t get it on. Then I turned over in my bed and got it on no problem. But then I woke up.


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