Last night I dreamed I was telling myself how to remember the Wick dream. Yurio. Messy kitchen. Overflowing sink. Just me and mom–special event? Panini press.

In another dream Mom & I were visiting Ron in Ohio. We were planning where to eat; what meal to eat at which place. But then rather than going somewhere, we had our own restaurant in Ohio. Khela was there with her two kids. Some men in 1920s-style hats. We were in Ohio from August 2-5; I felt bad because i was supposed to hang out with Ashley on my time off but was out of state instead. I think Chad was there too; we were hungry and didn’t want to wait for Ron so we were going to go ahead and eat dinner at the restaurant and meet up with Ron the next day for lunch. But then Ron was going to show up and texted that he was going to bring a couple of his friends whom I didn’t know to dinner and this made me nervous. Zack woke up late and was pissy about the trip to Ohio.

Then I dreamed Dave said I had mold under the vinyl of my bathroom floor and the only solution was to completely take up the floor. He said I could potentially put new floor down over the existing vinyl; I said, “But won’t the mold still be there underneath, rotting the floor?” He agreed that it, yeah, it would. The mold was little black specks.

Sometime either after hitting the snooze or shutting off the snooze I fell into another dream and there was a female creature who was caged. Definitely female, slightly otherworldly, I think pointed ears and maybe small horns and a tail. Like a devil but not. Red hair. Big anime eyes. I don’t think the cage was locked normally; it was just a magical situation where she couldn’t unlock it from the inside. Someone from the outside just had to open it. Like the Harpy in The Last Unicorn, I heard, “Set me free…we are sisters, you and I.” So I opened the cage. And then my perspective panned to a shot of a space-view of the earth and a giant forceful eruption blew out from the center of the earth. Like someone shot a huge lava laser from inside out. I briefly thought, “So that’s what happens when you let her out.”

Then I realized I needed to go to work and I had to wake myself up or I’d just keep sleeping and I’d already shut off my snooze alarm.



Last night I dreamed that Ashley had texted me to cancel our Thursday get-together because she decided we couldn’t be friends because I don’t reply to her text messages. She had sent me one but I didn’t reply because I was sleeping.

I had another dream later where mom asked me to do something but I told her I’d do it in my sleep.

In another dream I was in high school, but then I went to stay over at a friend’s house. She lived on a farm and I wore sandals and realized that was a bad choice. I still had my overloaded backpack from school which was fortunate because although it was only the first day, Mr. McGee had given us lots of homework and I’d almost forgotten about it several times. I think I did have a giant blanket or pillow with me also. I had shorts on which struck me as odd even in the dream since I never wear shorts. There was another girl there for the sleepover in the beginning but later it just became the two of us. As the dream progressed, my friend looked more and more like the redhead from Flip Flappers. She had a lot of siblings, including a wild toddler brother that almost escaped as I went up the stairs into the house, but I caught him and locked the little gate to the stairs. Her dad looked kind of scary but turns out he wasn’t. The mom kind of looked like our vet. I don’t know if my friend had to do chores or what (there were cows there) but there was a period of time where I would be left alone and I was grateful because I had to get that homework done.