Last night I dreamed the manga Border but done by Tezuka. I woke up and went back to sleep several times trying to change it but I was stuck in it for quite a while. I wasn’t “in” it, just a disembodied observer. 

I also had a dream about Wick and how I had grabbed her before the mail lady came to the door. Ein was barking. The lady said something about how, “So you only have two dogs?” And I said, “Yeah, we’re down to two.” Then after she left I realize no, Wick is no longer of this world, we only have one dog. 



Last night I dreamed that mom, Zack, and I were in the living room around midnight and the driveway buzzer went off. There was only one headlight and it sounded like a motorcycle. They turned by where the ditch runs and somehow in a flash of light we saw the driver’s face and we both thought it was Justin.

Later I dreamed that I was building a video game from inside the video game.

Later I dreamed that we were at some sort of dude ranch thing with separate cabins but a communal shower. The shower was really elaborate but being shared it was annoying to use.


Last night I dreamed that I had gone to the mountain for the last hunt with L & S. I had barely gotten to where they were posted when these two giant birds with dark iridescent green bodies and head of brown Chinese dragons came swooping out of the sky and one came so close to me that it pulled the string on my hoodie.

S shot an elk but was so short on time that we were going to have to dress it and everything and send it to him. He didn’t even have time for a picture. It wasn’t huge but it was a 7-pt on one side. The doctors were there as we were checking it out.

Then I was visiting Germany with Amanda and she had to drive because I didn’t know how to drive in Germany. We were using a borrowed RV that by the end of the dream was just a diesel pickup. A friend of Amanda’s friend was going to cut and color my hair so we went to her house. She had this elaborate process of setting everything up and the whole time she kept dropping things and breaking them. She had pictures framed everywhere on the walls and they kept falling down and she kept hanging them up. She was quite proud of them even though the rest of us weren’t that interested.

Finally she broke enough things that it put her in a bad mood and she couldn’t do my hair. I thought at the time if her setup process wasn’t so elaborate she wouldn’t be so worn out. She said something about rescheduling but I brushed her off.

Then Amanda and her initial friend and I were going to go to a restaurant; it looked like Applebee’s and I think even started with an A but for some reason I was looking forward to getting a Wallaby Darned there. We had to get gas first and it was difficult because our vehicle was so big and people were parked weirdly in front of the pumps. Then when I finally fueled up I realized that I’d borrowed Tyler’s diesel pickup and I’d just filled it with regular gas.

We were going to hit the road but I mentioned about how it’d been a particularly frustrating day and I’d really hoped to stop in and have a drink and some snacks before we left. Amanda smiled and said that was exactly her plan but that she had found a place for us that was a bit fancier. I was excited about the better food but a bit concerned at going to a place too fancy when I’m just in my normal clothes + hoodie.



Last night I dreamed that I was in an Asian grocery store and found this huge display of Unico-themed items. I was supposed to be looking for a Sakira florist chain but there wasn’t one in the town so I ended up in this store. I got so excited seeing all these Unico things; I had no idea that Unico was experiencing a resurgence.

The problem was deciding which items to buy. The item I recall best was instead of a honey bear it was a honey-Unico. I also saw small two-packs of Unico-branded Karo syrup. I took a honey-Unico and one other item to the register with the intention of buying them but ultimately I didn’t want to go through the checkout process so I just left them on the register and left the store.