Last night I dreamed that I was writing a story but also watching a movie about a young shark getting separated from its family and being chased down to the darker depths/trenches of the ocean by a giant manta ray. The kid shark finds a Behemoth that’s, obviously, huge and all knobbly and acts all tough and when the shark tells Behemoth that it’s never been away from it’s family before, Behemoth is like, “Oh, geez, what have I gotten myself into” (very “yare yare daze” sounding) but you get the impression that Behemoth is actually a softie on the inside and is going to take the little shark under its tutelage and teach it the ways of the lower depths and take care of it. You don’t really get the impression that there is any going back to the upper levels. Maybe later after the shark is grown up it (he?) can make the journey but for now that’s an impossibility and he’s stuck in the depths trying to survive.

I had another dream I was in bed and going to sleep and decided to read some Shirokuma Cafe before bed. I got the latest volume which was a thick one with a black cover and as I started reading, it was also playing on my computer. I realized I didn’t have the subtitles on so I hit the * on my Roku remote (which even at the time I didn’t think would work because I was watching it on my computer, not the tv) but sure enough, the subtitles popped up. They were in Japanese in a weird, very handwritten style and I thought, “Amazon needs to get it together with their subtitling. This looks cool and I get what they’re trying to do but I can’t read this.” Plus there was no furigana so I was totally lost. I hit the * again to get English subtitles. There was a person that looked exactly like Olivier Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist in the show and she was dressed like an adventurer and there were some poachers involved and I thought, “Man, Polar Bear Cafe sure got dark. I didn’t expect that.”


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