Last night I dreamed about Yuri on Ice.

A new character was introduced; a younger sibling of a competitor we’d seen before, though he looked kinda old even though he was short. He seems excited to see Yuri so at first I thought he was a fan of Yuri’s but once he gets Yuri’s attention, he said, “Where’s Victor? I want to see an uchuujin.” I don’t know why he believed Victor was an alien; Yuri seemed surprised by this assumption too. I was not in the dream, just watching it.

In another dream I was at the restaurant talking to one of AP’s sisters. She was saying about how he wanted to run away for a while because he was having issues with his baby mama. She was asking about the accuracy of paternity tests; I told her the one we tried used saliva and the results came back saying it was 99.9% his kid. She thought she might suggest that to AP, though it did occur to me that his kid is like 10 now (or older) so it might be a little late for this. She said he wanted to go somewhere solitary for a while, relax, meditate, and get a bit chubby. I said he should use my cabin; it’s a great place for that. We were laughing that he could grow a beard and look like a Mexican Jesus. Then I got a message (text, maybe?) that Mitt Romney had just asked dad if he could stay in the cabin. I said, “Well, there two beds. It’s kind of an odd pair, but whatever.” Then we received a package with Denver Broncos curtains from Romney for the cabin; everyone assumes people from Wyoming are Broncos fans. I laughed and said, “Well, he might have to fight [AP] for the curtains because he’ll want his half to be Dallas Cowboys.” (Which isn’t true; IRL he is a Lions fan.)